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    Some Personal Experiences

“You have no idea how much better my life was at Metro West because
of your class . . . I'm sure there are others that feel the same . . . Maybe one of
these days you can pay this facility a visit and we can continue practicing.”  
South Bay Correctional Institution

"This class has taught me to really relax in many tense situations. The
exercises are really beneficial for my health. I have learned to control my
emotions and physical self. Thank you!"
Lee Hunt,
Dade Correctional Institution

"Yoga has allowed me the opportunity to leave all of my negativity of the
moment in the moment. I’ve learned the art of letting go and being in the
Lavon Butler, Dade correctional Institute

"What I really like about this class since Lawrence and Patricia have been
coming and giving us their time is that it brings a lot out of me. 1) I recognize my
strength, my ability to help others. 2) I have less stress.  I’m more at peace than
I have been in my life. The class energizes me to make it through the week."  
Willie Collins, Dade Correctional Institute

See our classes being included in programs for the Mental Health inmates of
the Miami-Dade County jail system
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    Aplications of Yoga and Mindfulness

Corrections and Rehabilitation

"I believe yoga helps offenders with many of the fundamental needs that
prevent them progressing in the challenging prison environment to include
impulsivity, anxiety, anger and errors in thinking. Your (Prison Yoga Project)
work has helped many offenders develop the skills necessary to prepare for
successful release and you have also assisted those with long sentences to
manage their situation in a healthy way, making our communities and prisons
Dona Zavislan, Superintendent, Larch Corrections Center, Washington state;
former warden of three Colorado facilities.

Reduced Recidivism

“Those participating in four or more Ananda Marga Yoga/meditation classes,
along with proper philosophy/sharing sessions, are found to have a significantly
lower than expected reincarceration rate, in spite of significant risk factors for
From a study by Dr Steven Landau, MD, at Wake Correctional Institution in
North Carolina.

Addictions Recovery

"After undergoing training as a Certified Addictions Professional as well as a
Yoga Teacher I saw the value of utilizing this combined knowledge to educate
and rehabilitate clients... an excellent support for a twelve-step recovery
Kiki Attonito, MA, CAP, RYT

Depression and Anxiety

A German study of emotionally distressed women, cited in the Harvard Health
Newsletter.  A trial group took two 90-minute yoga classes a week for three
months.  Depression scores improved by 50%, anxiety scores by 30%, and
overall well-being scores by 65%.  It also resolved headaches, back pain and
sleep problems.

Psychatric Patients

A study of a single yoga class at a New Hampshire psychiatric hospital. The
participants included patients with bipolar disorder, major depression and
schizophrenia.  Average levels of tension, anxiety, depression, anger, hostility
and fatigue dropped significantly.

PTSD Trauma Recovery for Veterans

Most  prisoners suffer from complex trauma.  At the Walter Reed Army Medical
Center they are offering yoga for veterans returning from combat with Post-
traumatic Stress Disorder.

It's cheaper!   
“The [inmates]that did the yoga course showed an improvement in positive
mood, a decrease in stress and impulsivity. Offering yoga sessions in prisons is
cheap, much cheaper than other mental health interventions.”  
study at Oxford

The "Relaxation Response" -- air-conditioning the inner person

Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School found that meditators, while
remaining naturally awake, experienced a deeper bodily rest then sleep.   He
considers this "relaxation response" as an antidote to stress-overload and a
way for the nervous system to gradually restore normal functioning.

    Yoga Exercises for strengthening the muscular, glandular and
    nervous systems:

    Breathing Exercises for stabilizing the mind and emotions.

    Guided Relaxation for dissolving accumulated fatigue and stress.

    Meditation for clarity and balance of  mind.

    Guidance on becoming more mindful and self-disciplined.  

    Each modalities has been well tested.  We see a range of benefits
    across the spectrum -- state of mind, learning ability, health,
    relationships, work efficiency and more.