"Look Ma,
Bet you never knew I could sit quiet that long!"
"NO, it's not a stick up!
Shut up and close your eyes!"
It's open!
"Rock-a-bye baby...."
"Damn we look good!"
"That's 60 seconds so far.
Now tell me again it's for sissies."
They haven't been coming to meditation.
Whatever country they're from, their yoga's got CLASS!
"Just tell 'em you're a Ninja and you sleep sitting up."
"It beats sitting inside watching Bollywood re-runs."
"Had no idea I'd be doing this when I
got sent here!"
"We Indians can do this sort of thing.  
Don't you try it!"
"I'm just gonna sit in the back
and slip out if I don't like it."
"We call it the Bird Dog."
A little humor
lightens things up!
"They told me if you meditate before eating
the food would taste better."