You keep
us going!
    We travel to remote prisons, mental and
    physical health programs, recovery centers,
    women's shelters and juvenile homes.
    Help us help others to help themselves.
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 Or do you want to volunteer?
        Here are some of the requirements.

  • Motivation, commitment and sacrifice
  • A personal meditation practice
  • Training in a mind/body modality
  • Time and transportation

However, one can participate as per their availability.
There are also ways to get training without taking lengthy
and costly courses. We ourselves give trainings.

The rewards are great! You can see the transformations!

        Volunteer reactions:

"... has brought me into contact with extraordinary
individuals who show a degree of compassion,

intelligence, patience, kindness, and good humor
in the face of adversity that frequently puts me to

shame, but more often inspires me to practice more
seriously myself!"  

"Serving in the correctional institutions was an
incredibly rewarding experience.  Coming back home,

the love and gratitude in my heart gave me the feeling
of being connected to a higher purpose of service."

     Find out more at +1 305 926-3578.

"For I was hungry
and you fed me...
I was sick and
you looked after me
I was in prison
and you visited me."
Matthew 25:36

becomes real
when we recognize
our shared humanity.”
Pema Chödrön