We are a network of volunteers giving Yoga and Mindfulness classes in
    jails, juvenile justice, recovery centers, homeless shelters, libraries, and
    more.  Men and women of all ages and  conditions participate.  We do:

  •  Stretching and core exercises
  •  Simple meditation practices
  •  Guided relaxation
  •  Mindfulness training for relationships and growth

    We are not a religion.  We are not associated with any one teacher or
    tradition.  We do not do acrobatic or extreme yoga.

    *See the Channel 4 TV report featuring our class with psychiatric
    inmates of a major Miami jail.
    *See here a video with Anneke Lucas in another part of the country; we
    are working in similar ways here in South Florida.   


    Lawrence Huff ~ Volunteer Coordinator, Instructor

    Moving to Florida, he started teaching in the libraries.  
    Then he moved on the very neglected and very large
    prison, jail and juvenile systems.  He has certification in
    Transformational Meditation and in Kripalu Yoga.  He
    works part-time as a school teacher.

    Miyako Haag ~ Advisor and Board Member

    Miyako serves in many capacities within our non-profit.  
    As Vice President of the Pepsom Group, she  provides
    operational assistance.  She has also mentored juveniles
    at the Turner Guilford Knight Detention Center.

    Jessica Cardenas ~ Technical Advisor

    Jessica assists us within her range of administrative
    services, promotional assistance and networking skills.
    Professionally, she is the Legal Assistant to Catholic Legal
    Services of Miami, where she also helps with processing
    and translation services for immigrant children and
    others.  She is a  graduate of St. Thomas School of Law

    Herbert Heck ~ Instructor

    Along with meditation, Herbert specializes in a rigorous
    physical approach to yoga that is much appreciated by the
    male inmates he volunteers with.  He also does charity
    yoga classes.  Professionally, he is a performing musician
    and a high school music teacher.

    Virginia Ansaldi ~ Instructor

    Virginia like to teach the youth.  She has worked with
    Green Monkey Yoga Center and with Conscious Coalition
    (formerly Yoga Gangsters). Professionally she is a high
    school science teacher and directs an after school science

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