Our programs are a combination of movement, breathing,
    and stillness -- along with mindfulness trainings, lectures and
    sharing.  We have been to the following facilities:
  • MIami Federal Detention Center
  • Dade Correctional Institution
  • Homestead CI
  • Everglades CI
  • Everglades Reentry Center
  • Metro West Detention Center, male and female
  • TGK Detention Center, mental health, juveniles    
  • Juvenile Justice Center
  • Miami Boot Camp, ages 18-24
  • Better Way Treatment Center (for alcoholism)
  • Miami-Dade Public Libraries

    As of 2018 we have been doing facilitator-training
    workshops in Guatemala, El Salvador and

    In addition we have done classes in:
  • Sobrevivientes, a battered women's shelter
  • Futbol contra la Violencia
  • 6 prisons, with Coni Lustenberger of PAV
  • Iglesia Ortodoxo, con Obispo Julio
  • Village School children and their teachers
  • Hospital San Gernimo
  • Paso a Paso, a gang prevention kids center
  • Calidad de Vida, women's shelter
  • CPTRT, Comittee for the prevention, treatment
    and rehabilitation of torture victims and their family
  • Casa Alianza, children's home
  • Universidad Rafael Landívar