Birth Charts of Note
        according to
     Vedic Astrology

I hope you enjoy and get insights with these case-studies of persons in
the news. These Birth Charts are done in the ancient system of Vedic
Astrology, also known as Jyotish. Although I like to draw them out by
hand to increase the "feel" and they are charted in the  style of south
India, the calculations are done on astronomically accurate software.  I am
"Mantresh" Lawrence Huff, based in Miami.
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An extremely powerful chart, done before being elected.

LEO ASCENDANT and MARS ~ Showman. Aggressive and bold. Speech without thought. Reactivity.
The early 3rd degree is the "eye of the lion", the first magnitude star REGULUS, called Magha or the
Great. * Note: Jupiter went into Leo in Summer 2015 for 12 months – the time of his unbelievable

SCORPIO FULL MOON -- exact! Emotional, unpredictable, intense and ruthless. Moon star is
JYESHTA, meaning "The Chief" the "foremost", very close to Galactic Center. Charisma and

Note: For the last several years SATURN has been transiting his MOON SIGN. This has also raised
him up, but with considerable strain --he needs a rest! Saturn rules the commoners, laborers (his
blue-collar base). At election time VENUS joins SATURN transiting his Moon. Looks good for him!

Unfortunately, his MOON is with KETU, the Dragon’s Tail -- delusions, poisonous and vindictive,
intuitive. And being Full Moon, his modus operandi is emotional appeal. He may say weird or untrue
or immoral things.

MOON IN 5th HOUSE Like Hillary's -- maybe they are in love! Good potential for spirituality and
liberation – that manifest in his case as raising the spirit of Americanism and liberating us from
foreigners! This Moon makes him thin-skinned and quick to blame, insult and destroys -- qualities
that make him popular with many in our degenerate culture.

JUPITER in 2nd. This house also rules speech and money too, and there also sits NEPTUNE ruling
visionary, deluded -- Mexico will pay for The Wall, Obama born in Kenya, etc. A magnetic speaker.

SATURN/VENUS exactly conjunct right above the Eastern horizon is just superlative. A Raja Yoga or
Kingly Combo. A man who achieves and loves luxury. Because Saturn frustrates and controls, this
combo could either make one steady in marriage and controlling one's passions, or controlling and
debasing women—or both! International renown. Investor. Gives a sort of self-effacing charm similar
to Reagan.

SUN in the 11th brings success in large endeavors and brings powerful connections (Putin?). That
Sun is given drive and diversification with RAHU and success by GURU’s aspect. He will meet or
become himself a high spiritual being!

Rahu has amplified his ability to sway the people at this time. But Rahu can be dirty and chaotic. In
Dec 2016 he enters GURU PERIOD. Being with Neptune could bring a spiritual transformation and
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NOTE: These Vedic charts are astronomically calculated -- I just like to draw them out by hand. They
do not show who is “good” and who is “bad”. Two very different persons could be born at same time
and place! Anyways, “There is no saint without a past, and no sinner without a future.”

SUN in LIBRA ASCENDANT. Libra is interested in social justice, harmony. Sun gives vitality, command
and fame. But also a retiring nature and love of privacy. Interest in spirituality --may be our first
meditating pres. LIBRA, amplified by VENUS/MERCURY sitting there, is idealistic and intelligent, two
qualities she has had since childhood. Especially notable is Mercury (thinking) exactly on the
Ascendant degree -- intelligence. Mars is strongly aspects Mercury, giving ambition and obstinacy.
And JUPITER (called Guru) there shows generosity and a spirit of service.

MOON is in the 5th HOUSE -- interest in spiritual practices, a good teacher or student and parent—
she has worked for children’s issues from the start. Moon star is PURVA BHADRAPADA, meaning
“lucky feet”. It has the Shakti or power to raise one up in life like fire, and being part of Aquarius,
work for universal good.
But MOON IS ALL ALONE THERE! This is called “Kemadruma Yoga”. She was thrust among a lot of
males in a time when strong women were still resented. She and her husband, and now just her,
were actively persecuted by pols trying to dig up or conjur up dirt. She suffered a philandering
husband, and now an unscrupulous male stalking and insulting her to the cheers of millions to whom
she has done no harm. This is aggravated by a MAR’S “curve-ball” .

MARS/SATURN in the 10th HOUSE, ruling work and mission in life. Extreme practicality. A builder.
Calculating, even scheming, nature. Gives strength to withstand attacks. These 2 malefic planets
become benefic in this position! They even form a “raja yoga” or kingly combination. But they are
“planetary enemies” and so success comes only through great effort and obstruction. Enemies and
accusations abound. PLUTO there adds more intensity and power.

Since Summer 2016 GURU (Jupiter) is 8th position from her Moon and 12th from her Ascendant.
Intrigues and scandals, hers and those she is accused of, will dog her even into her presidency. But
after Summer 2017 the field will clear for her as Guru moves into her Ascendant.
SATURN in TRANSIT will be great for her first term (if she wins) And the SUN DASHA (period) will bring
international renown.

A classic case study – everything  fits!

Note: Although I like to draw them by hand, this Birth Chart is calculated to astronomical
precision.  It is in the style of South India and interpreted according to the ancient Eastern
system of “Jyotish”.

Instantly, you can see an extremely strong pattern with all the major planets in the quadrants
– overhead, down under, East and West. (The Libra “Ascendent” is nothing but the Eastern
horizon point.)

His ASCENDANT is in the star SWATI. It has the power the wind and gives powerful
communication. And the sign is LIBRA, well known as standing for social justice.  An exalted
Saturn is there and rules the masses and service to them. And the Ascendant ruler, Venus is
in the house of work and mission.

JUPITER, a guru is born

Looking deeper, we see the two “luminaries”, SUN and MOON aspected by JUPITER by trine
and opposition.   Jupiter is named “Guru”, as where it looks it uplifts, protects and blesses
with inner wisdom and outward achievement – like a guru in the east.  Thus, he becomes a
kind of guru.  Fidel led a life of constant expansion, humanitarianism, love of humanity and
social justice and seemed to have an almost divine protection over him.  That Jupiter, in the
4th House (under the Earth) indicates a good education in law, being a good teacher and
guide and having good associates.

Opposite, SUN in 10th House of profession, gives power of authority and an expansive,
passionate nature and humanitarianism.  The added touch of NEPTUNE there can
accentuates idealism and/or delusions.

MOON in the 12th HOUSE
This final position it rules monasteries, prisons, hospitals, foreign countries and mysticism.  
The Moon shows childhood, inner inclinations and the mind.   

SEE THIS MOON PLAY OUT: He was cloistered in a Jesuit school.  The Cuba he created had
similarities to a prison – Internet, dissent, personal property, even leaving --all PROHIBITED.
(The machine-gunning of escapees – even prisons in my country do not do that!)  Support for
foreign freedom struggles (like for my friends in Nicaragua).  Export of doctors.  Mysticism, as
he inspired a “mysticism of revolution” and was himself seen as a sort of savior.

But again, as his VIRGO MOON is aspected by Guru he was also a very caring person.  It
shows an inner urge to create, to transform, to serve others and to actualize practical results.

In the ascendant/descendant axis shows his other side.  They give great dynamism. These
two planets are tough characters and don’t much like each other either.  The combo can
make one athletic, driven, forceful, magnetic, but also arrogant, obsessed, stubborn,
controlling, dictatorial and even with a hateful and cruel tendency.  All well-known qualities.  
Lastly, this SATURN/MARS can give economic mistakes.


In 1953 SATURN TRANSITS over his Moon.  His revolution ignites with the attack on the
Moncada Barracks. This was the heart of his “sade sati” – the
to-be-respected 7 ½ year TRANSIT OF SATURN over the sign before, of and after his Moon.
Tough years of agitation, imprisonment, fighting and organizing a government.  Also, in 1953
his GURU PERIOD of 16 years began. He was to do a lot thereafter.

Coming up to 2006, SATURN TRANSITS over his Sun. He becomes ill and retires.

2016, at the hour of his death, the transiting Moon returned to Virgo, and Guru also transited
thru. He was cosmically tuned in!

CASTRO IS A MAN OF SATURN. Saturn rules lack, restraint and renunciation.  Saturn rules
suffering and he delivered.  But Saturn also rules the down-trodden masses and seeks social
justice—the ideal  of his life.
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