Vedic Astrology
    "the blueprint of your spiritual destiny"

VEDIC ASTROLOGY or “JYOTISH” – Called “The Science of Light” came
from enlightened yogis of the East.

YOUR BIRTH CHART shows how the 9 Planets, 12 Signs and 27 Star
clusters were placed around Earth at the time and place you were born.
This shows your karma and spiritual destiny, plus many practical things.

MY STYLE – Jyotish has accuracy and tradition.  Western Astrology has
psychology. Science tells about the galaxy.  I look at it all. Then I look for
the spiritual.


Birth Chart -- You, your life-path, advice and remedies.  

Children's Chart -- Useful for parents. All kids should get one.

Yearly Update – done from birthday to birthday.

Compatibility -- Reveals the dynamics of a relationship.

Auspicious Dates – When to get married, etc.


    1. Call me for an appointment.
    2. Give me your birth data -- city, date, time (accurate).
    3. Cost -- $100, or student fee.


    > A copy of your Vedic Birth Chart.
    > An online consultation, recorded.
    Free follow-up questions.


    Lawrence Huff, Jyotish Parishad   
    Whatsapp +504 8822 4154

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    Dear Lawrence,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I
    enjoyed my astrology session.  It was
    much more in depth than I imagined.  
    It was so interesting and “right on”.  
    The added bonus was the meditation
    you did with me at the end.  I was also
    happy that you provided me with a
    recording of the entire session as I
    could never remember everything you
    went over.  
    I plan on listening to the CD and
    looking at the chart you gave me to
    better understand it all because like I
    said before, it was so much
    information at once.  I may even have
    another reading in the future now that
    I have a better understanding.  What
    else can I say?  You exceeded my
    expectations and I will gladly
    recommend you to anyone interested
    in a reading.
    Very truly yours,
    Lisa DePriest

    Sidereal  Astrology  works with the positions
    of the stars rather than the seasons. The
    most ancient systems like Jyotish break
    down the starry zodiac into even finer
    divisions than the 12 signs, into 27 sectors
    called "nakshatras".

    "I have seen greater accuracy in the
    interpretations and insights into someone’s
    spiritual future, and more powerful results for
    almost everyone through my work with
    Sidereal Western Astrology."   Ami Sattinger
+504 8822 4154